Turn Table

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Turntable system

Turntable is adaptable for narrow spaces, where with a vehicle driving forwards and back or where place for parking maneuvers is restricted or impossible.

Easy to use, it can turn the car through 360° where it has been parked and facilitating a way out from the narrow space.

Turntables can be installed quickly and efficiently as a surface or underfloor system. Both the surface load and diameter can be increased to accommodate larger, heavier vehicles.

This system has been developed in different sizes of diameter and capacities. The most common size for residential use is the 4 to 4.5 meter diameter turntable with a 2to 3.5ton capacity.

 Advantages of the system:

Min. civil infrastructure for installation

Installation fast

Save space

Capacity is 2-3.5 tons (load can be customized),

Table could be placed in various points /degrees

۳۶۰°Rotation/ right and left.

Rotating smooth without vibration.

High safety

System security area

Top Surface material: changeable upon client’s request

Using safety sensor