Rotary Parking

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Rotary parking system:

This system is easy for entry and exit. Owner doesn’t need to find their cars in the parking space or even find empty places to park the car. The system is automated, which shows the number in which the required car is parked. So, no time is wasted in this system.

Each parking lot has a car pallet. The pallets for parking or retrieving will rotate the clockwise or anti-clockwise until the car get to ground. Rotary parking system is time saving. As a vehicle reaches the parking basement it can easily get on the pallet and get parked

All cars rotate along the clockwise or anti-clockwise until the car get to ground.

There are two types:

A/ For SEDAN cars with capacity of 8/10/12/14/16 cars (SML Model)

B/ For 4 WHEEL DRIVE with capacity of 8/10/12 cars (SMSU Model)


Small-scale projects with capacities ranging from 8- 16 Sedan Cars or 8-12 Suv cars per unit which expands your parking capacity up to 8 times the capacity conventional parking provides
It is a solution which can be incorporated in existing, under construction or in design projects.
Suitable for all kinds of locations (residential, commercial or industrial)
Easy operation: in order to park and pick up the car, the driver needs only enter PIN code.
Quick installation: installation time is 5 working days.
Easy maintenance with the least trouble
Long lifetime : the lifespan for the overhaul is from 15 to 20 years.
Portability( Possible relocation): the automatic parking system can be moved in new place and install between 3 to 5 days
Low noise , vibration and Low power consumption
No operator
small occupation area (32 m2)
Installable in any kind of land (slope, non-smooth, etc.)


1. No vehicle fall
2. Safe control panel for children
3. No movement of parking when vehicle door is open
4. Foundation and structure resist 8 Richter earthquakes
5. Lockable control panel
6. Emergency stop chassis (push button stop)
7. Rails under vehicles resist against sever movements such as wind, earthquake,…
8. Obstacles sensors (parking will be stopped)



  1. It can be used in apartments.
  2. It can be used in Industries.
  3. It can be used in mall and public places.
  4. It ensures quick and automated parking and easy retrieval of vehicle

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