Puzzle system (PSH)

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Puzzle system (PSH)

It is very user friendly application for parking requirement in residential as well as commercial buildings. Every operation of elevating the car is totally automated by well-known computerized PLC controllers by the help of ease of operating panels.

In puzzle parking systems, the parking spaces are arranged on two or three levels. The upper and lower level parking spaces move vertically and the middle parking spaces move horizontally (left and right) to allow upper or lower level cars to come up or down to driveway level and be driven off the platforms. The middle level of the machine has one less car than the upper and lower level to enable the lower cars to move left and right to create the vacant space.


  • Independent access
  • Can accommodate SUV’s
  • No pit required, can be used on upper levels of a garage
  • Multiple entry to reduce time
  • Low cost installation
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance
  • Low operating cost
  • Variation available from 2 to 7 levels


  1.  Emergency stop chassis
  2.  Safety sensors
  3. Input/output traffic lights
  4.  Steel chassis with max. tolerance
  5. Floor control panel
  6. Operator panel
  7. Special safety sensors
  8. Touch Screen Display
  9. Photo – Electric Sensor
  10. Safety Lock (locking and unlocking the pallet)