Triple System

امتیاز دهید...

۱- Possibility of providing 3 to 4 parking spaces in a space of 3.6 meters

۲- No need for an operator

۳- Ability to customize any parking space (custom)

۴- Has an easy-to-use control panel

The system is designed in three or four floors so that one car is on the ground and the rest are in the pit, but all floors are freely accessible and not involved.

On the top floor, the vehicle can enter or exit directly, and other vehicles will be located on the ground level for entry or exit, and technical access will be provided for service and maintenance operations via a ladder.

In order to drain the surface water, it is necessary to design a drainage system at the bottom of the peat, and to increase the visual beauty, the upper surface can be decorated with a cover of artificial grass.

۱- Has a complete hydraulic care system

۲- It has an electromagnetic anti-fall system