Tower System


CE parking (tower or PCS)An automated multi-floor tower system for parking from 18 to 60 cars. This system is always the right choice if little floor space is available. Instead of expanding in width, the tower systems moves upward or downward – your vehicle is moved via elevator to a free parking space, where it is safely parked.The system is designed to move the vehicles on a pallet automatically and vertically on the elevator, it then transfers it horizontally left or right for storage.It may be integrated into an existing building or designed as a freestanding tower.

It is possible to design as Lower, midlevel or upper entrance system and install an underground, ground- level or underground and ground-level parking. A revolving platform is used in conditions of limited maneuvering space at the entrance to and exit from a transfer station, which facilitates the use of the parking. The system carries out the entire process of parking automatically and makes it possible for a driver to leave his/her safely inside.


  • Vehicles are transported vertically by means of a lift mounted on steel lines and horizontally by means of chain transmission
  • short time of waiting for a vehicle – from several seconds to 2 minutes
  • Ideal to maximize parking in narrow plots.
  • Easy maintenance and reliable operation
  • Execution of positive and negative floors
  • Max. height: 60 m


1. Input/output traffic lights
2. Safety sensors
3. Emergency stop switch
4. Palette sensors
5. Cable tear sensor
6. Obstacles sensors (parking will be stopped)
7. Fire sensors (optional)

Product NameACE PARKING®
ModelAC20L ~ AC60LAC20SU ~ AC50SU
Capacity20 to 60 cars20 to 50 cars
Ava. car
Type of carSedanSUV
Lifting MechanismGeared Motor + Wire Rope
Lift Motor22kW ~ 37kW
Lift Speed90m/min Max.
Car retrieving time100 – 140 sec.
Motor ControlIGBT Inverter control