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This system is a great way to park a large number of cars in a large basement with regular widths, and multiple floors. An automated multi-floor system making it possible to increase the capacity of a garage depending on its height. All Grand-type equipment may be designed as underground or ground-level equipment.
The system has a number of parking stacks which are serviced by one or more lifts. Each parking stack has its own cart for transferring the vehicles independently .Grand system is offering the fastest parking and retrieval system.
The driver may park the car by bringing it to the entrance room means of a by magnetic card. The car is placed on the pallet and, then, transported to the underground or ground-level part by means of the lift moving horizontally and synchronized with transport carriages moving vertically. In order to collect the car, the magnetic cad should be placed in front of the reader, which will automatically bring the car and make it possible for the driver to collect the car.

There are four types:

A/ Sedan, Side by Side deployment

B/ Sedan, Front by Rear deployment

C/ SUV, Side by Side deployment

D/ SUV, Front by Rear deployment


  • Vehicles are transported vertically by means of a lift mounted on steel lines and horizontally by means of a chain transmission in a special communication tunnel
  • Very short time of waiting
  • Simultaneous entrance and retrieval



  1.  Emergency stop chassis
  2.  Safety sensors
  3. Input/output traffic lights
  4.  Steel chassis with max. tolerance
  5. Floor control panel
  6. Operator panel
  7. Special safety sensors
Model GRF(S)-L GRF(S)-SU
Capacity 30 ~ 3000 cars 30 ~ 3000 cars
Ava. car
Length 5,200mm 5,200mm
Width 2,100mm 2,100mm
Height 1,600mm 2,000mm
Weight 2,150kg 2,400kg
Type of car Sedan SUV
Lifting Mechanism Geared Motor + Wire Rope
Lift Motor 22kW ~ 37kW
Lift Speed 60m/min Max.
Carts Speed 80m/min Max.
Car retrieving time 100 – 140 sec.
Motor Control IGBT Inverter control