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Dana Equipment Development Co.

Mechanized Equipment in Traffic Area


Cultural and social changes accompanied with progress of technology, increased daily production of vehicles. Since cities, streets, and parking prevented competition in this area, we observe a mass of vehicles, traffic nodes, and time waste in cities.

Solving traffic dilemma needs short and long term planning, which requires infrastructure including policies to decrease intra-city trips, establishment of integrated transportation systems, etc., but the first effective step in this way is removal of vehicles from roads and streets.

Parking is one of the most important infrastructures to limit traffic and to provide comfort for citizens, which have unfortunately been ignored by urban managers. So, we now observe a crisis of parking in our cities.

Today exit of this crisis and supply of parking is not easy. Estates have limitations for parking and solving this problem has a lot of cost. Meanwhile, stop of vehicles beside streets narrows the routs and slows traffic. Thus, what is the remedy?

Maximum usage from minimum space

Mechanized parking is a modern strategy to solve the problem of parking. The smart parking provides maximum productivity in minimum space. Their greatest advantages are rapid installation and easy usage. Experts of Dana Equipment Development Co. visit the sites and install smart parking of South Korea in different countries efficiently and offer them to urban and engineering communities in the Middle East.

Since many problems of large cities are solved through modern equipment, we intend to offer and support these equipments strongly to open the ties of urban problems.


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Dana Equipment Development Co.

Dana Equipment Development Co. has been established in 2004 to offer modern mechanized equipment in traffic area. After a successful experience of personnel of this company to mechanize pedestrian bridges (equipped with electrical stairs) in Iran, we studied modern technologies for smart vehicle parking and obtaining representation from South Korea.