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Dana Equipment Development Co.

Mechanized Equipment in Traffic Area

Beside of those who live in big cities and urban areas, many of us move to big cities in search of jobs, business opportunities, and thousands of travelers arrive for leisure and cultural events and activities in big cities , resulted Transportation as one of the biggest challenges we face. More people equals more traffic congestion and additional pressure on our limited resources. Anyone who lives or comes to a big city , will confirm you that, finding adequate parking can be incredibly frustrating. It can make people late for appointments and increase the chaos on our roads, with drivers circling the blocks searching for a spot.

Not only finding for a parking space is a routine activity and it is estimated that nearly 30% of urban congestion is created by drivers cruising for parking space, but also resulting in gasoline wastage .This ever growing traffic congestion and uncertainty in the parking availability and payment have thus enforced the need for a Smart Parking systems.

A Smart parking technology will help optimize parking space usage, improve the efficiency of the parking operations, avoiding wastage of gasoline, punctuality and help smoother traffic flow.

Dana Equipment Development Company has been established to introduce practical & economical solutions for car parking to help ending traffic chaos and crowded streets in big cities.

By the support and technological partnership with Korean company, DongYang PC, Dana was appointed as sales representative and proud to introduce the world famous “smart parking” robot exclusively in Iran, Iraq, U.A.E, Turkey, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Syria and Azerbaijan.

A team of specialists provides pre-sales assistance to the customers for the analysis of their specific problems, helping them picking up the most appropriate solution.

The role of Dana is not limited to the manufacturing and sale of parking systems. We are offering complex service, such as maintenance and professional consulting.

It is an honor to say that Dana, as a reliable company with more than a decade history of stability success and experiences in mechanized parking system, professional R&D department, and well trained maintenance engineers, is one of the forefront performance and technology ranked of the industry in Middle East with 70% of Iran market share and the first company to introduce “smart parking” to Middle East..


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Dana Equipment Development Co.

Dana Equipment Development Co. has been established in 2004 to offer modern mechanized equipment in traffic area. After a successful experience of personnel of this company to mechanize pedestrian bridges (equipped with electrical stairs) in Iran, we studied modern technologies for smart vehicle parking and obtaining representation from South Korea.