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After-Sale Services

After sales services and installation team


  1. Ensure normal operation by offering routine maintenance and failure repair.
  2. Professional installation, routine inspection and maintenance are provided to customers.
  3. Providing materials for training, to ensure operators and maintenance staffSkilled in operating the parking system.
  1. Providing maintenance spare parts for free during the warranty period.
  2. Providing quick-wear parts under the market price after the warranty Period.
  1. Providing life-long maintenance and guidance of troubleshooting for our Parking equipment.
  1. Mobile maintenance team to provide services for client in shortest possible time
  2. Contact customers proactively to learn about the user experience and suggestions, improving product and service quality.
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Dana Equipment Development Co.

Dana Equipment Development Co. has been established in 2004 to offer modern mechanized equipment in traffic area. After a successful experience of personnel of this company to mechanize pedestrian bridges (equipped with electrical stairs) in Iran, we studied modern technologies for smart vehicle parking and obtaining representation from South Korea.