Double Parking


double-triple parking system

Put two or three cars in one space; use the air space. Double or triple Parking maximize valuable spaces for Clients, Developers, Architects, Contractors and private individuals.

*There are two types:

A/ with pit: These are suitable for a location where a pit can be excavated. Each car can park and exit independently

B/ without pit: These are placed on existing ground. Remove bottom car and middle car before lowering platforms


1. Rapid installation
2. Low occupation area and height
3. Executable in existing buildings
4. Safe and comfortable by pressing a botton
5. Double capacity

1. Safety lock
2. Emergency chassis
3. Hand and automatic options
4. Automatic lock when the lower vehicle not exited

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Grand Parking




Grand Parking:

An automated multi-floor system making it possible to increase the capacity of a garage depending on its height. All Grand-type equipment may be designed as underground or ground-level equipment.

The system has a number of parking stacks which are serviced by one or more lifts. Each parking stack has its own cart for transferring the vehicles independently – offering the fastest parking and retrieval system. A great way to park a large number of cars in a large basement with regular widths, and multiple floors.

The driver may park the car by bringing it to the entrance room means of a by magnetic card. The car is placed on the pallet and, then, transported to the underground or ground-level part by means of the lift moving horizontally and synchronized with transport carriages moving vertically. In order to collect the car, the magnetic cad should be placed in front of the reader, which will automatically bring the car and make it possible for the driver to collect the car.


  • Vehicles are transported vertically by means of a lift mounted on steel lines and horizontally by means of a chain transmission in a special communication tunnel
  • Very short time of waiting
  • System able to operate in a wide temperature range
  • Maximum load of a pallet
  • Special safety sensors
1. Emergency stop chassis
2. Safety sensors
3. Input/output traffic lights
4. Steel chassis with max. tolerance
1. Steel skeleton
2. Control system including:
a. Main control panel
b. Floor control panel
c. Operator panel
d. Software and hardware
e. PLC
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Tower System

/ ACE parking(tower)

An automated multi-floor tower system for parking from 18 to 60 cars. This system is ideal for densely built-up areas with a small number of parking spaces and little possibility of maneuvering. The system is designed to move the vehicles on a pallet automatically and vertically on the elevator, it then transfers it horizontally left or right for storage.

It may be integrated into an existing building or designed as a freestanding tower. It is possible to adapt a garage to existing conditions and install an underground, ground- level or underground and ground-level parking. A revolving platform is used in conditions of limited maneuvering space at the entrance to and exit from a transfer station, which facilitates the use of the parking. The system carries out the entire process of parking automatically and makes it possible for a driver to leave his/her safely inside.

  • Vehicles are transported vertically by means of a lift mounted on steel lines and horizontally by means of chain transmission
  • short time of waiting for a vehicle – from several seconds to 2 minutes
  • Maximum load of a pallet This system requires operation man.



1. Input/output traffic lights
2. Safety sensors
3. Emergency stop switch
4. Palette sensors
5. Cable tear sensor
6. Obstacles sensors (parking will be stopped)
7. Fire sensors (optional)


1. Max. height: 60 m
2. Needed area: 7.5 × 7.5 m^2
3. Execution of positive and negative floors