rotary sys

اThis system is produced in two models: for cars (SU SEDAN) and for land cruisers (SUV). Vehicles enter or exit on the ground floor. There is a user-friendly control panel, which is similar to the panels in lifts. There is a number on the palette that is seen on the panel. Pressing the number on the control panel, the vehicle is directed toward the exit door automatically. 
1. Low power consumption
2. Portability
3. Versatile cover
4. No operator
5. Low occupation area (32 m2)
6. Extendable capacity (up to 8 times)
7. Rapid installation (3-7 days)
8. Customized parkings
9. Installable in any kind of land (slope, non-smooth, etc.)
1. No vehicle fall
2. Safe control panel for children
3. No movement of parking when vehicle door is open
4. Foundation and structure resist 8 Richter earthquakes
5. Lockable control panel
6. Emergency stop chassis (pushbutton stop)
7. Rails under vehicles resist against sever movements such as wind, earthquake,…
8. Obstacles sensors (parking will be stopped)

Technical specifications are as follows:

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