tower sys



In this system, vehicle is entered on the ground floor and is lifted to the higher floors. On the specified floor, the palette is inserted and the vehicle is returned to the ground floor. Then the vehicle is turned on a turn table and is delivered. In tower systems, any kind of vehicles can be parked.

1. Low noise
2. No operator
3. Versatile cover
4. Graphical screen
5. 50 parkings in 50 m2
6. Implementation of parking on positive and negative floors
7. Customized parkings



1. Input/output traffic lights
2. Safety sensors
3. Emergency stop switch
4. Palette sensors
5. Cable tear sensor
6. Obstacles sensors (parking will be stopped)
7. Fire sensors (optional)

1. Max. height: 60 m
2. Needed area: 7.5 × 7.5 m^2
3. Execution of positive and negative floors

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