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Product characteristics(advantages)
no possibility to fall down

The girandole system has been designed in a way that the possibility to falling down is Zero.

cheap maintenance cost

Regard to the rotary-axial maintenance cost of this system is very cheap and it is similar to elevator cost

limit space requirement

اWith this system we have the possibility to use suspensive or non-symmetrical areas with dimension about 6*5 m which is the place to park 2 cars but we have the possibility to park up to 16 cars.
In areas which there is not enough place for car to rotate we can install a rotating rounde plate.

easy installation and run

This mechanism can be installed in 6 dayes, 3 days to build the foundation,that is done not too deep on the surface , and 3 days for installing the structures and electrical equipment and running the system..

movement possibility

Movable system provide the possibility to disassemble the structure and mount it in another area.

different covers(covering varieties)

The system is out door and there is no need to covering it but we have the possibility to cover it with different materials like allopan,polycarbonate,sandwich panel cement walls, Which costomer demands.Also we can use advertismet in covering.